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Ministries / Youth

Ministries - Youth


Education is important and we want to help the kids to be successful and achieve their goals. Children and youth from Kindergarten through eighth grade enjoy daily age-appropriate devotions that pertain to the trials and tribulations that kids face; healthy snacks along with nutrition education; homework and enlightening projects; and both competitive and non-competitive physical activities. On Fridays during After-School, we also offer youth clubs that encourage self-discipline, motivation of self and others, civic engagement, morals and virtues. The youth learn the personal and overall rewards of their services to others.
Ministries - Youth

Youth Ministries

Henderson Settlement Youth Ministries provides a safe place for the kids in the Frakes area to learn, grow, and be active. We serve children and youth from Kindergarten through High School. Programs and activities go on year round. If you are interested in the Youth Ministry Programs or would like more information please contact Maggie Mayes at 606-337-3613 ext. 310.
Ministries - Youth


The Settlement provides recreation opportunities for all community members, especially children and youth. Because most other recreation venues are at least fifteen miles away, this is a very important service to provide to the community. The Christian atmosphere of playing at Henderson Settlement teaches the children and youth that competition can be held without the use of foul language or overly-aggressive play. This ministry brings some positive structure to the lives of children and youth in the area.

Junior Pro Basketball

In January we begin a six week long Junior Pro Basketball League for kindergarten to high school students. Kids are divided into teams according to age and ability, and are coached by community members who volunteer their time. The children are taught basic skills in basketball, team play, and good sportsmanship. Children and youth that are unable to play at the local elementary school, appreciate the opportunity of being able to play without having to worry about "making" a team. Every child receives equal playing time unlike competitive school play. The Christian atmosphere at Henderson Settlement also teaches the children and youth that competition can be held without the use of foul language or overly-aggressive play. This ministry brings some positive structure to the lives of children and youth in the area. With this program each child receives a team t-shirt and trophy for participation. In 2011, about 84 children participated in this program.

T-Ball and Softball

The Henderson Settlement T-Ball and Softball program works much the same way as the Junior Pro Basketball-kids are divided into teams according to their age and ability, and they play games once a week for six weeks. Each child receives a team t-shirt and a trophy for participation. In the spring of 2011, 70 students participated in this program.

Soccer League

This fall we are starting an Indoor Soccer League for the kids of the community. There has been a great interest so far and the kids really love the game. This will give them a chance to understand the rules of the game and develop their skills. We will be having instructional clinics that will also help with skills. By playing indoors during the fall and winter, by next summer we will be able to play down at the outside field. This is a really exciting new adventure for us and the kids!

Summer Recreation

The Summer Recreation program is a six-week-long day camp that takes place at Henderson Settlement. During the five hours that the students are here each day, they receive two meals and a snack, participate in devotions, and play sports and games. There is also a literacy time each day, and the kids are taken on field trips. Summer Recreation is open to students from Kindergarten through High School. Summer Recreation uses the community center, gym, and the upper and lower parks. When the kids play in the gym, they play kickball, flag football, volleyball, dodge ball, and many more games. The Settlement could use a new volleyball net and volleyballs as well as some new footballs. At the lower park there is playground equipment, half court basketball court, and a full size tennis court. We are in need of a new tennis net and poles so that the kids can play more frequently.

Open Gym

One night a week the Settlement's gym is open to the public for a couple hours. Most people who take advantage of the gym use it to play basketball. On average, 25-30 people use the gym each week. The gym is also open in the morning hours for walkers.


  • School Supplies
  • 15 Junior Size Basketballs
  • 1 New Score Clock
  • New Score Books
  • New Basketball Nets
  • Tee Balls
  • Score Books
  • Adult Size Gloves
  • Footballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Volleyball Net
  • Tennis Net
If you are interested in helping with the youth ministry program please call 606-337-1515 and talk to Maggie Mayes about how you can help.